San Marco

selle sanmarco Shortfit Supercomfort Racing Wide – 144mm


Rail : Stealth Xsilite

Shell : Carbon Fiber Reinforced

Foam : Biofoam *

Cover : Microfeel
Dimension : 277 x 142 mm

Weight : 210 gr

Level : Racing

Dimensions 250 × 144 mm


Comfort, versatility and performance.
The new Aspide Short Open-Fit Dynamic takes up the unmistakable style of a great classic like the Aspide and makes it even more modern and captivating. The Aspide Short represents, in fact, the new era of Aspide, for almost 20 years one of the spearheads of the Selle San Marco house: the new “Short” version will be the first ever with “visible body”, so as to enhance the value of the technical and stylistic details is completely new and complete.
The Aspide Short Open-Fit Dynamic is also equipped with a large central hole (Open-Fit) which, together with its compact shape (250mm, 28mm shorter than the previous Aspide), allows you to increase the level of comfort and find more easily the ideal seat, thanks also to the range of sizes (S3 – Narrow or L3 – Wide) provided by the idmatch system.

Additional information

Weight 215 g
Dimensions 250 × 144 mm