San Marco

selle sanmarco Regal “Le Classiche” – 149mm


Rail : Carbon Steel

Shell : Techno-polymer

Foam : Biofoam

Cover : Smooth Leather
Dimension : 283 x 149 mm

Weight : 312 gr

Dimensions 283 × 149 mm


Today, like yesterday, Selle San Marco stands for style and elegance. 45 years after the original development of the saddle that became an icon of the 70’s, Selle San Marco is shining a new spotlight on the Concor Specialissima with a limited series. The new saddle maintains most of the aesthetics that made it so popular. The new design recalls the original model, but with the introduction of plenty of new technical features and materials. The new Concor Specialissima will be available in a one-time limited series edition of just 200 pieces.

Additional information

Weight 312 g
Dimensions 283 × 149 mm