San Marco

selle sanmarco Regal Evo “Le Ecologiche” – 152mm


Rail : Stealth Xsilite

Shell : Carbon Fiber Reinforced

Foam : Biofoam

Dimension : 278 x 152 mm

Weight : 230 gr

Level : Racing

Dimensions 278 × 152 mm


When a product becomes an icon there are no adjectives to describe its value. Over recent decades and still today CONCOR has always been a benchmark for the cycling industry; the new versions have the same iconic design but have been updated in terms of ergonomic and style concepts.
A new form of padding, Open-Fit versions for comfort and the use of new covers are the features that make CONCOR a leader in today’s biking world.
The long central cutout (Open -Fit) guarantees all-day comfort and support on the whole length of the saddle. This feature improves the blood flow preventing numbness and provides relief from pressure on the perineum. Recommended for individuals with averagely high pelvic rotation.
CONCOR, timeless performance.

Additional information

Weight 230 g
Dimensions 278 × 152 mm