San Marco

selle sanmarco Aspide Short Open-Fit Sport (Wide) – 155mm


Rail : Carbon Steel

Shell : Glass Fiber Reinforced

Foam : Pullfoam

Cover : Silkfeel / Plus
Dimension : 250 x 155 mm

Weight : 270 gr

Level : Sport

idmatch size : L3

Dimensions 250 × 155 mm


ASPIDE is the perfect saddle both from the aesthetic and technological point of view. It has the virtue of satisfying the most demanding cyclists and it never disappoints those who test it for the very first time. It is a light and comfortable saddle that ensures remarkable performances. The design is unique: an essential shape synonym for lightweight and comfort. The ergonomics have been redefined through a specific study in order to find a perfect balance between support and relief zone.
The long central cutout (Open -Fit) guarantees all-day comfort and support on the whole length of the saddle. This feature improves the blood flow preventing numbness and provides relief from pressure on the perineum. Recommended for individuals with averagely high pelvic rotation.
This saddle features the side profile of the seating surface with a central depression of more than 5 mm that is similar to a curved line. For this reason, it is listed as Waved saddle. Recommended for individuals with both flat back (retroverted pelvis) and accentuated lumbar arch (anteverted pelvis).

Additional information

Weight 270 g
Dimensions 250 × 155 mm