Selle Italia

Selle Italia SLR Boost X-Cross TI316 Superflow – 145mm

Weight: L 186 g
Rail: TI 316 Tube ?7 mm
L 145×248 mm
Category: Performance

Dimensions 248 × 145 mm


The SLR Boost X-Cross Superflow brings lightness, technological innovation and the unmistakeable style of SLR Boost to the off-road universe. Thus the birth of the first mountain bike short saddle, by Selle Italia, designed and conceived for those who make adrenalin and adventure a way of life. The Shock-Absorbers located between the frame and the body contribute to cushioning the vibrations of uneven terrains and the stresses typical of off-road disciplines. The special SuperFabric inserts on the sides help protect the saddle against any abrasions and scratches typical of this discipline.

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Weight 186 g
Dimensions 248 × 145 mm