Selle Italia

Selle Italia Model X Leaf Superflow – 145mm

315 g
FeC Alloy ?7 mm
145×245 mm

Dimensions 245 × 145 mm


Boasting Fec Alloy rails, a Superflow channel and a patented Eco-friendly Greentech manufacturing technology, the Selle Italia MODEL X Superflow L LEAF is fully equipped for giving you reliable, sustainable racing performance on your road bike.
Specifically engineered for racing on your road bike, this competition-ready saddle features high-quality FeC Alloy (carbon-iron steel alloy) rails for a strong and dependable hold to your seatpost as you tackle every mile. Selle Italia has also equipped this model with a waved profile and Flex Control technology for increased comfort and versatility as you take up your racing position and put the power down. Thanks to its Superflow Channel that runs down its middle section, this saddle reliefs pressures from around your sit bones to further increased comfort and reduce numbness and fatigue. This makes it a great choice of upgrade for a wide range of road racing situations, and with its additional support features, it’s ideal for going the extra distance.

Road Racing Saddle with Greentech
Selle Italia now operates with a newfound awareness of our future by focusing on sustainability and lowering emissions. The strong connection between nature and cycling has made the brand make a real commitment to safeguarding the environment and our planet. Featuring Greentech manufacturing technology, it creates a sustainable and 100% recyclable saddle without the use of polluting elements in a waste-free system. The Made in Italy process uses local manufacturers to further reduce CO2 emissions.

100% Recyclable
Each component of this saddle can be reused to make new products.

The production process of this saddle used no glue, solvents or harmful materials.

Zero Waste
The manufacturing process has been optimised to reuse any waste created during the process.

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Weight 315 g
Dimensions 245 × 145 mm