Sdg Bel-Air V3 Max Traditional – 140mm

Dimensions 260 × 140 mm


The result of 20 plus years of endless testing and refinements, the Bel-Air V3 MAX is our most comfortable saddle ever produced. Utilizing the same performance driven base as the original Bel-Air V3, the Max was specifically enhanced for long, pain free days in the saddle. With enhanced padding, a deep Peri-Canal relief channel and a more aggressive rear rise to aid in climbs, the Max is the ideal upgrade for your e-MTB.

The V3 models have been slimmed down – shorter in overall length to match current bike geometries, along with the reduced hips to extend a sleeker appearance without jeopardizing any comfort. The MAX offers 5mm of additional enhanced, light-weight EVA injected foam padding, and a more profound Peri-Canal relief not found on other V3 models.

Also specific to the Bel-Air V3 MAX, the more aggressive Rear Rise platform provides further comfort, control, and ultimate power from a sitting position which helps in climbs and the accelerated speed found on e-MTB’s. The Bel-Air V3 MAX is finished with ATMOS Shaping, eliminating the need for bumpers, staples, or glue, leaving a seamless vacuum-sealed cover. Whether you ride e-powered bikes or not, the V3 MAX is guaranteed to provide all-day comfort on long, epic adventures.

Extra Rear Rise Platform – Optimum power and comfort from the sitting position.
Deep Peri-Canal – Continuous relief channel reduces sensitively in the perineum region.
Injection EVA Foam – Enhanced Lightweight Injected EVA – 5 mm thicker than standard V3.
Hidden Undercut – Cutout relief under the base of the saddle.
Nylon Glass Base With Bridge – Increases power transfer.
Free Float Comfort Flex – Enhances pedaling efficiency, providing more forgiveness at the wings.
Nose Platform – Wider nose to aid in climbing.
Atmos Sealed Construction – Eliminates the need for staples and bumpers on the base of the saddle.
Sonic Welded – Added protection on corners for superior durability.

Additional information

Weight 245 g
Dimensions 260 × 140 mm