Cube Rfr Saddle Trekking City D2 With Gel – 176 mm

Dimensions 260 × 176 mm


Well endowed! This TREKKING seat provides everything you need to gain a great driving experience in the city! It’s not only big, but also broad – this makes a big seating and a good pressure distribution. Ergonomic recesses, a gel-padding and Dual-Density-Technology enable great comfort. Moreover, the seat is T-shaped, what gives you more legroom.


  • large, wide trekking bike saddle for a large contact area and superior pressure distribution
  • Dual Density Technology for enhanced sit bone comfort
  • Gel padding for even pressure distribution
    anatomical channel for particularly sensitive areas
  • Saddle shell with perineal cut-out
  • T-shape for more legroom
  • weight: 500 g


  • PU-Cover, Gel, Dual-Density shell

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 260 × 176 mm