Cube Natural Fit Saddle Sequence Lite – 158 mm

Dimensions 158 mm


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that you’ll love this saddle! Why are we so confident? Well, we started with the pressure-relieving Deep-Shell technology and then added a special padding profile with a Natural Fit ergo-relief channel to take pressure off sensitive areas. We topped it all off with a high-quality PU cover for added comfort. Features an integrated saddle adapter mount. Optimised for the Bent Forward position (saddle finder B1).


  • t-shape saddle for more freedom of leg movement
  • pressure-relieving shell with Deep Shell technology
  • Natural Fit ergo-relief-channel
  • CrMo rails
  • high-quality PU covering
  • memory foam, integrated saddle adapter mount (SILink)
  • optimised for Bent Forward position (Saddler Finder B1)
  • weight: 340 g (regular)


  • CrMo, PU, Memory Foam, GF-reinforced nylon

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Dimensions 158 mm