JCOB Delta P – 130mm

Dimensions 275 × 130 mm


A comprehensive redesign of one of the all-time favorites in the cycling industry, the Plus 2. The new Delta P will help you put in those long miles on the bike. This saddle was originally a spin-off of the “V” series, it has a cut down nose section specifically for the Male riders and the narrow 130mm rear width that solves upper hamstring interference issues, especially for larger riders. It is a favorite of both Men and Women and can easily be used on bikes with more aggressive bar drops on both Road and Tri bikes. We have added our rear hydration mounts to the saddle for ease of adding more fluids to your bike. This is a great choice for larger male riders because of the narrow design, since it won’t chafe those inner thighs the way wider saddles do.  Don’t be afraid of the narrower rear area, thousands of riders have used this saddle for long tours and long triathlons and have said it is a great road bike saddle for touring or racing. A high majority of Women find this saddle more comfortable than the trendy “short nose” saddles, the cutout of this saddle is very easy on the soft bits for Women.

Additional information

Weight 368 g
Dimensions 275 × 130 mm