JCOB Carbon Lite – 151mm

Dimensions 275 × 151 mm


The new Carbon Lite model, replacing the Carbon One, gets a slightly different look but keeps the comfort that people look for in a lightweight saddle. Here at Speed & Comfort, we wanted to showcase our basic Road saddle designs and what better way to show you to believe in the shapes than by making a bare Carbon fiber saddle. Bare carbon relies on the contours and the engineering to give the rider comfort and performance. We went with a 7X9mm seat rail to give added durability and to be able to offer a slightly longer range of saddle positions. We sacrificed going for “superlight” weight and added 15 grams extra so we could have a contoured side lip. With this change, the Carbon edge won’t cut through your cycling shorts, a common issue on most super-light models. We gave it a molded relief channel for longer distance comfort and then added some retention slots to help hold the rider in place better, all of these things add up to a surprisingly comfortable saddle. The Carbon Lite is 151mm wide for long ride comfort but is limited to a maximum rider weight of 180lbs. It’s light, it’s fast, and it’s comfortable, this is not the best choice for a novice rider but if you put miles on your bike and are looking to save every ounce of weight, this is your saddle.

Additional information

Weight 118 g
Dimensions 275 × 151 mm