Ergon SR Allroad Comp S/M – 139mm

  • Promotes men’s health
  • Prevents numbness
  • Outstanding seating comfort

High performance and comfort in one saddleThe SR Allroad Comp Men offers all you want in a high performance saddle without skimping on comfort. With an ergonomically designed shape and relief channel as well as OrthoCell® inlays to distribute the sitting load, this saddle is both light, supportive and pressure relieving.

Dimensions 272 × 139 mm


With the SR Allroad, Ergon has crafted a saddle that delivers sporty performance able to take on asphalt as easily as a hard-packed dirt road. Perfectly adapted for today’s modern road cycling, the saddle’s CORE HD® technology combines ergonomic comfort without sacrificing dynamic cycling fun. The innovative saddle design of the SR Allroad Core offers a completely new riding experience: road shock and vibrations are fully damped, numbness in the perineal area is alleviated, and seat pressure is significantly reduced – allowing you to be fully in sync with your bike, whatever your chosen path.

Additional information

Weight 220 g
Dimensions 272 × 139 mm