BiSaddle EXT Stealth – 100mm – 165mm (Adjustable)

Dimensions 243 × 165 mm


You Can Adjust the Shape of BiSaddle to Custom Fit You!
Every body is different. Off-the-rack bike seats fit just a handful of people. For the rest of us, we’ve had to compromise. Riding an off-the-rack saddle is like wearing shoes that are too small or pants that are too tight.


You can adjust the shape of BiSaddle to custom fit your body and riding style. And, if your riding style or body shape change, you can simply re-adjust for ultimate comfort.


Available in Chromoly, Titanium & Carbon Rails USD$249-$349



✓ Adjustable Sit Bone width 100-165mm

✓ Saddle weight varies from 295 g to 411 g based upon your frame selection

✓ UCI compliant race length (243mm long)

✓ Ultra sleek stealth black

✓ Takes pressure off your unmentionables

✓ Helps you ride faster, further


Weight Limits:

Chromoly Frame: 280 lbs.
Titanium Frame: 240 – 250 lbs.
Carbon Fiber Frame: 210 – 220 lbs.


* Note: The wedges supplied with the SRT and EXT carbon fiber base are slightly modified to accommodate the different design of the carbon frame.

The Full Carbon Frame is not meant for MTB and Gravel. It is best for Tri and Road. It is super light and has a rider weight limit of 210 pounds.

We offer a 90 day no hassle money back guarantee. Simply ride your BiSaddle and if you are not able to get comfortable, then send it back within 90 days of your purchase date for a full refund. You are required to pay return shipping and the BiSaddle must not be damaged.


Additional information

Weight 295 g
Dimensions 243 × 165 mm