How accurate is your saddle selection system? 

The short answer is Extremely accurate. We have pulled the data from over 20 years of bike fitting and used this to create an algorithm to filter down the ideal selection based on numerous characteristics and rider preferences.

How does my saddle fit differ from the saddle manufacturers own saddle selectors?

Our system really is one of a kind, the main difference is we have all the top global brands saddles all in one place and using the same consistent selection algorithm. Saddle companies all have different ways of measuring and their saddles, some are fit focused but most are more marketing focused, meaning a very time consuming and confusing list of results for the customer. We have developed My Saddle Fit for bike shops and bike fitters to use as a tool to give customers some confidence when purchasing a saddle.

What bike types can use the system for?

You can use the system to find saddles for Road, Gravel, Tri, TT, MTB, Touring, Fitness, and Commuting,

How many saddles are the my saddle fit database?

We currently have over 700 saddles from all the top saddle brands in our database, these are then filtered down to a recommended selection unique to each individual.

Do customers still need to try a saddle out before buying?

This is definitely recommended where possible. My Saddle Fit will give you a run down of the the best saddle options for you in each cycling discipline, then out of this recommended list there may be some you are familiar with and some you are not. We enable you to either show the customer the saddle options and use this to sell them a saddle you have in store or alternatively download their results PDF with a single click and send to your customers email enabling them to shop around.