Prologue is born with the ambition to soon become one of the manufacturers of reference saddles in the world of competitive bicycles and very high range, bringing innovation and quality. Improving not only the performance of athletes but also of consumers, increasing the comfort and durability of the product, is what drives us every day and guides us towards our goal. In ten years we have worked in excellence by positioning ourselves in the Silicon Valley of the bike world and changing the way we think about the saddle.

We have created new systems and technologies, such as: MultishapeMultisize e innovative system that allows you to identify the most suitable saddle according to the characteristics and discipline practiced. We have patented new generation systems and materials including CPC (Connect Power Control) to further guarantee and improve performance and comfort. We have introduced specific saddles for discipline in collaboration with the best cyclists in the world and seeing them win has been and continues to be a cause of pride and stimulation.